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Next Duke Nukem reveal 'soon', teases Pitchford

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User Info: impatientperson

6 years ago#11
Of course they're gonna make another. They rushed a game out and it sold a ton disregarding the fact it was crap... Now they've got the name and are sure to score more sales whether or not it's any good... they need to get this for everything it's worth before they're found out.
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User Info: DarkKnghtAnon

6 years ago#12
Zohar Metatron posted...
Didn't Pitchford tease a Borderlands 2 announcement was coming "soon" like the day before we got a proper confirmation on Borderlands 2?

Anyway, my biggest concern here is that those dudes might be spreading themselves out a bit too much. Worry about Duke once Colonial Marines is finally done, wouldya?

The thing is taken out of context he said they eventually want to make a new one, not right away. Plus there's still DNF DLC coming out soon, and I'm sure the team making that is the one that'll work on the new game. It also seems to me like most of their resources are going into Borderlands 2, it seems to be their flagship franchise. Even though the panel had people from BiA and Aliens developers in it, the only questions the fans asked were about B2.
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User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#13
20$ Duke is playable character in Borderlands 2... Only if you pre order it! :)

User Info: degen2011

6 years ago#14
DNF is honestly the worst game I have played this gen.

I knew it would be bad just from the second half of the demo(the awful desert gameplay) but i really regret BORROWING it from a friend. it was that bad.
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User Info: Private_Noob

6 years ago#15
I hope they include the feature of having more than two weapons at the same time. Having only two weapons was perhaps the biggest complaint for Duke Nukem Forever.
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User Info: samurifan001

6 years ago#16
oasisbeyond posted...
20$ Duke is playable character in Borderlands 2... Only if you pre order it! :)

They wouldn't be that stupid. They'd make him a DLC character if anything. They need to make some money off of it. And I know for sure that they would... from me.
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6 years ago#17
im really anxious to see a fully gearbox made duke nukem. should be awesome

User Info: im_a_legend

6 years ago#18
Revealed soon, released 2031
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User Info: shagadelic

6 years ago#19

Of Duke Nukem Forever - which was mostly panned by critics - Pitchford said he's still "proud" of what Gearbox delivered.

"I hope some people kind of enjoyed it. When I dug through all the stuff that [original development studio] 3D Realms had done, I expected a trainwreck and I was actually quite pleased.

And John Travolta still claims he's proud of the work he did on Battlefield Earth.

Why can't he just admit the game was ****?

User Info: Carribean_Cool

6 years ago#20
im_a_legend posted...
Revealed soon, released 2031

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