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Gunstringer...Twisted Pixel + Kinect=fun!

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User Info: halfsane

6 years ago#11
Just played the demo and loved it!

The controls were a bit wonky on my first play through until I figured that I shouldn't cross my right and left hands in front of my body. it would confuse the aiming for a split second.

User Info: Cinn_kentsu89

6 years ago#12
Better than that meh game known as child of Eden?

User Info: pandoraorb

6 years ago#13
Eden blah...Gunstringer yea!
The Pandora's Box Trilogy--middle grade fantasy--BOOK THREE: FATE and REBIRTH out now!

User Info: Michael__Cole

6 years ago#14
I liked Comic Jumper. Hated Ms. Splosion Man.

Still need to play the Maw, that seems to be their biggest love/hate game.
Oh my!
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