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Do you think Dead Island will be a disappointment?

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User Info: Trugamer

5 years ago#31
To be honest I now am of the mindset that every game will be a disappointment and that why I use Gamefly to play everything before I decide to buy or not.
The list of lousy let downs is wayy to long probably 5x longer than the list of actually good games.

User Info: HELZERO

5 years ago#32
On paper is my dream come true. After doing some research and watching the videos though there are a few things that personally I don't like about the game. The combat does not seem very interesting and the death penalty is too small which leaves out a lot of the challenge for me. I will give it a shot though, I've had a few games surprise me before so this could turn out to be a hidden gem.

User Info: Heisenbird

5 years ago#33
Yes. An FPS game always does that.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#34
IGN's Review is up, and they gave it an 8.0.

Basically they say the game is a little rough around the edges, but is still loads of fun.

8/10 =/= disappointment.

User Info: BloodyDove2vs

5 years ago#35
CapnStanky posted...
Looks like it will make for a great 19.99 summer game next year.

I second the thought

User Info: Lethalbutters

5 years ago#36
I think that it would be cool at first, then after I beat it and crap it will get boring because of the "bosses" like what left 4 dead did for me. (really want l4d to have a no boss mode). Itll feel too unrealistic in a sense that if a zombie infection could exsist, their wouldn't be a 10 foot zombie in a strait(?) jacket on a resort island or anywhere (same for L4d) or any other "bosses" on dead island. But ill probably get my moneys worth.
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