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How many hours a day do you play video games?

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User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#1
Lately i look at my huge backlog and all the great games coming out this year and man there is simply not enough time in the day for all this, not to metion how life short is or could be taken at any time. I usually get 2-3 hours per day and maybe 5-6 on weekends but when i think about games i'm getting like Skyrim in november that time is not nearly enough..
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User Info: drdweeb

5 years ago#2
Between my Slim 360 and PS3, I say 2-4 a day off and on. Weekend 4-6 off and on.


User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#3
On average, 2-4. Some days it could be none, and some days 10 hours though.
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User Info: LikeTheSalt

5 years ago#4
Used to be about 3 or 4 hours a night. Now, usually 1 to 2 hours max.
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User Info: themerlin

5 years ago#5
4-6 hours.
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User Info: hyrulelsl

5 years ago#6
Zero :(
I wish I had more time.
So many moms, so little time.

User Info: pakathecat

5 years ago#7
Varies quite a bit. On weekdays, maybe average around two or less due to work. Though I did play around five last night (and paying for the lack of sleep now). Weekends, if I'm not out of town (which is about every other weekend April-October) it is quite a bit more, I'm guessing an average of at least six.

User Info: YodaCrackers

5 years ago#8
4-10 hours
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User Info: MadDewg

5 years ago#9
From the nes to the ps2 generation, I averaged about 3 to 6 hours every single day (hardcore gamer ever since my first memory pretty much).

The current generation, I slowed down big time, like somedays I'll play for 2 hours, and sometimes I don't play anything at all. Its not that I'm sick of gaming, I'm just not into a huge chuck of the western made games that are popular on the 360 right now (first person shooters and action games pretty much). I can play gears of war 1, 2, and soon to be 3 all day/night long when my friends are on though.
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User Info: GangstaGoads

5 years ago#10
2-3 average
have done some 10 hours days though lol
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