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too many games

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User Info: trd68

6 years ago#1
I just bought enslaved, vanquish and bayonetta for like $20 each, and I'm currently working on deus ex. I generally like to platinum/1000 a game before moving onto the next, but there's just too many games piling up for me. That and even more coming up in the next few months including uncharted, ace combat, etc. This is the first time I actually have a backlog of games to play. Curing cancer at work and going out doesn't leave much time anymore. I'm getting old ):
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User Info: Megaguts

6 years ago#2
GT: ConfederateRokr
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User Info: GangstaGoads

6 years ago#3
if getting 1000/100 isn't fun why do it?
curing cancer is a much better use of your time anyways
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User Info: GambitTime

6 years ago#4
Play Enslaved next... it is the best of the 3
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User Info: Asbeau

6 years ago#5
Stop making these dull threads and and 1000/1000 cancer instead
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User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#6
TC... You are buying too many games. Fact is people buy more games then they play. In the past month I bought well over 40 games, granted a lot were 1 to 3$ Xbox and ps2 games but still... I now own well over 500 games, there's no way I'll beat them all or even half.
Only a hand full of games every year are trully worth playing and finishing. Deus Ex might be one, Skyrim, and Dark Souls also.

The thing is people are most addicting in buying games then actually playing. Luckily I buy all my games cheap, unless I know I'll play it a lot and most likely beat it. "Skyrim and Dark Souls, then Tomb Raider.

I got Deus Ex rental, I'll beat it, and then the hype will die out. I'll buy it when cheap next Christmas or Summer.
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