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Should X720 turn to Koren/Taiwan Online business?

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User Info: Lysander097

6 years ago#1
They were nowhere 15 years ago whe Xbox and PS2 fought for First Console War. Now they pretty much have half of Asia sewn up with Western titles and physical releases sale fell off a cliff. It is a world where online play, extra content, subscription rule. And weekly top-up put food on developers' table while make nothing from upfront sales.

As far as they concern there is no such thing call Japan. Did them no harm so far.

Now with the possibility of Second Great Depression start in 2013, EU and UK market will be half of what it was for almost 10 years, and Japanese market gradually fades away from the world's equation and the Third Lost Decade kicks in. If MS still want the kind of revenue they have today, it may have to leave Japan or even California and maybe the business model of selling individual title. Then move their attention to Seoul and Taipei and learn how to play their rules.

Bye bye Final Fantasy, bye bye Call of duty, hello Ragnarok, hello Mu Online perhaps.

Xbox 720 might be reduced to just a dump terminal to access game servers but has the best network hardware MS could put in. Harsh to see the game world moved away from your own console to the cloud, but if this will keep Xbox department running for 10 more years until American Depression over in ten years time, I am all for it. You can always launch Xbox 4 then.

If anything, this would be a good insurance policy that Xbox brand and platform will carry on and stay safe when If Japanese game industry do collapse and fall out of the race.
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  3. Should X720 turn to Koren/Taiwan Online business?

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