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Selling used games to buy new games

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User Info: AnonymousFriend

6 years ago#1
Has there been any kind of survey or are there any statistics that support the many, many, many claims made by people on this site that most gamers sell their used games and use those funds to buy new games?

Personally, if I'm in a place that buys my used games, they usually sell used games. And they're probably selling used games for less than what it takes to buy new games. And if I'm in such a position where I have to sell my games, I'm looking for the best possible deal that I can get. Plus, most places only give you store credit.
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User Info: Brucebee

6 years ago#2
I've sold used games to get money for a concert ticket before. It was worth it.

User Info: Irohazaka

6 years ago#3
Try and sell on Amazon or ebay. That would be your best bet in my opinion.
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User Info: Carte360

6 years ago#4
Never sell to gamestop, they completely rip you off.

Go to Amazon or Ebay where you can rip people off yourself.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

6 years ago#5
i use to sell my games when i was pretty sure i wouldnt play it again but the used market goes pretty low really fast. so unless i get a new game that i think sucks (which is very rarely) id probubly sell it real fast why it has some value to it. otherwise i just hold on to them. if im gona collect any thing might as well be video games.
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User Info: builder111

6 years ago#6
i sell them on ebay, but they take about 15% when all is said and done. but I buy most of my games used so overall it works out nicely. of course once everything goes digital download only we will be enslaved to whatever price they want to charge.

User Info: nothingbeast

6 years ago#7
I never sell my games.

Only because my "seller's remorse" always catches up to me in a month or two afterwards.

"Hey! I suddenly have an overwhelming desire to play that old game!........... oh......... that's right."
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User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#8
Naw people who sell used games are idiots. Seriously if you bought a game full price and 1 week later sell it for what 20 to 30? You're an idiot. Last game I sold was Morrowind back in the day, so I was an idiot back then. But I got it back for free.. woot.

Never again, I only buy 19.99 and only AAA games at full price.

Just rent, beat it, return it, the hype is gone. It's all in your brain that you need a game, no one really needs anything but water and food.
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