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What ign should do with their reviews... opinion.

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User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#1
Get like 4 people to play at least the big games or all games. Then take the overall or all 4 people and see what it comes up to in the end. Like that you will get way better reviews overall.

I laugh when people say "IGN GAVE IT A 7.5, SO IT SUCKS!
Do you realize 1 dude or girl gave it that score and not a whole site. It's not like ign is a human or a robot that rates games...

Anyways this is my opinion, I wish their was a site that did this, reviews would be much better round out in the end. I look at Castlevania LOS and for me the game was and is a great game 8.5 from me. Nothing that ign, gamespot, gametrailers mentioned bothered me. It's like they are bad at games or something. Just on easy, and the game is a blast, then when you're more powerful replay it, that's the beauty of the game, you can replay all the levels anytime you want and find secrets, or try a harder dificulty.

So that's why I think getting 4 guys to play at least anticipated games... Like Dark Souls, Skyrim, Gears would be a good thing.

1 guy can make or break a game. People go by ign like it's a religion, yet other sites are ignored because they are not big sites? Makes no sence, cuz in the end it's just random dudes opinion.

Thank God Gamerankings exist, cuz you can see the game got mostly 9.5 to 8+ and only like 5 sites gave it below 8's...

Why I wrote this? Because I nearly didn't play this game thanks to ign's review... I got it for 19.99 and it's pretty much the best action game I've played this gen. The production alone is worth 8+, replay value also and it's long... wtf a a long action game? this gen>? last gen? wow lol.

And this coming from a guy that has Ninja Gaiden, Devil May cry, God of war in is top 10 of all time. I beat NJ on hardest dificulty and got master Ninja on all levels...was in top 50 in tournament. Anyways, every game has things like other games, GoW did not event the action genre. So complaints on that is lame, cuz GoW copied NJ, NJ copied DMC... and so on...

Awesome game by the way on sale in Canada 19.99 Futureshop, 29.99 for LE.

[Rant / Opinion Over]

User Info: Rawfullll

6 years ago#2
it's fine as it is, I prefer to check metacritic if I want the opinions of multiple people.
GT: iJesseee
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User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#3
Is their a site that does this though? I just find big sites need more opinions. They eventualy make a second look...

There's a reason why God Hand got a 3/10 and then they end up putting it in their topp 100 ps2 games... Same for Killer 7... 1 guy might hate it, but the other 3 might like it.
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