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Not a PC gamer so how good is Crysis?

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User Info: hellbringher

5 years ago#1
Fan of good fps and I loved the first farcry. So is this something I should be excited for?
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User Info: creepjack

5 years ago#2
It's a lot more open than Crysis 2. It's pretty good.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#3
if you liked farcry then youll like crysis. simple as that.
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User Info: MurderDeathKill

5 years ago#4
The level design is far more open than Crysis 2, and as long as they don't mess with the nanosuit abilities too much, you'll be able to be a lot more creative with abilities than in Crysis 2. More memorable characters than Crysis 2 (hell yeah, Psycho & Nomad). The game didn't hold your hand and point out "grenades here" and "sneak there" like in Crysis 2. The Ceph weren't just soldiers with different models like in Crysis 2.

Only thing I worry about is how the console versions will handle the massive amounts of foliage that was in the PC version, because Crysis 1 took place in a jungle and made you FEEL like you were in a jungle.

User Info: oasisbeyond

5 years ago#5
Much more open, but also very slow paced. The combat isn't that great and the AI also. Then again Crysis 2 was like that too but more linear and scripted, but it did have some crazy parts and design too. It's like Far Cry 1 pc meets a few powers that don't really respond fast enough to keep the game's action moving. So you end up using stealth most of the time. They need to fix that in part 3, make the combat instant flowing, and you can change at anytime you want.

I doubt it will look that good on consoles though, it's still a heavy game to run for my computer and I run anything today on max at 30 fps.

User Info: JKSonic

5 years ago#6
Crysis 1 is basically FarCry 1 with a nano suit...

Personally I just couldn't fully get into it. Despite it being a sound game it just wasn't for me.
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  3. Not a PC gamer so how good is Crysis?

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