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Anyone else think achievements are ruining games?

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  3. Anyone else think achievements are ruining games?

User Info: Devil_Knowing

6 years ago#21
Yes increasing the replay value of video games is totally ruining them.

User Info: MikeStutter

6 years ago#22
I don't like achievements/trophies because I can't get them all because I don't play online. So what's the point in them If I can't get all of them?
And people always bring the replayability issue. Don't you like your games? I play the same games after 10 years without getting/unlocking anything new.

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
6 years ago#23
I don't think that achievement points are ruining games, but they are (to my mind) definitely a negative point, as they have largely replaced desirable unlock-ables such as cheat modes, new levels, etc.


>A lot of games I've played wouldn't have got a second playthrough if it wasn't for achievements.

That says far more about the lack of replayability of modern games than it does about acheivement points.
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User Info: Atroz215

6 years ago#24
I am aware that this world is able to co-exist with achievements and cool unlocks. The first dead rising for example was great because the achievements unlocked in game items. I decided to zombie grind, not for the 100g but for the mega-buster.

However examples like this do not seem to happen very often. While it's not a direct "Let's put in achievements instead of unlocks". Devs seem less inclined to add unlocks because they are able to slap a couple of cheesy, achievements.
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  3. Anyone else think achievements are ruining games?

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