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You have only 60 bucks, Battlefield 3 or MW3?

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User Info: Agnostic420

6 years ago#51
It's ironic. People on here say blah blah MW3 sucks, etc old repeat etc etc.

Yet any time when the computer goes off and you talk to anyone that plays the 360 online, it's all about Call of Duty. O

It's like high school if it's popular it's garbage to everyone else with an inferiority complex.

User Info: peter_888

6 years ago#52
personally, If i had $60, I wouldn't spend it on either. I'm really sick of military FPS. Though if I had to choose, I would probably pick BF3.
I'm a gamer dang it, not a pc gamer or a console gamer, just a gamer.

User Info: Agnostic420

6 years ago#53
I'm more interested in Skyrim.. I know I'll get my 300 hours from that.

User Info: yoshinator112

6 years ago#54
BF3, for the team oriented multiplayer. IMO, the only shooter with a decent story (that I've played, at least) is Killzone series.
lI|PSN|Il Muramusa723
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd." - Voltaire

User Info: SnowFox7

6 years ago#55
Neither. I'd blow it on plushies and glowsticks before getting either of those turrible games.

Skyrim on the other hand... om nom nom... Teh PC version of course. :P

But then, what kind of gamer has only 60 bucks?

User Info: Agnostic420

6 years ago#56
Broke gamers in college.

That'd be me lol

User Info: soulfulgamer

6 years ago#57
kungfuj0 posted...

Forza 4
Wait for ME3
or Skyrim.

All better games, IMO, or they will be.

^5 GP.
Not changing this til SR3 is released
Calling someone out for having a meltdown, IS having a meltdown. - ZeldaMaster435

User Info: snkrules

6 years ago#58
Battlefield 3 at newegg us this code and get about 12-13 bucks off tax included and free shipping the game will cost 51.87

PS3 - Promo code EMCKAJG98
Xbox 360 - Promo code EMCKAJG97
PC - Promo code EMCKAJG96

btw I got warned because in a topic about asking if Star Ocean 4 was any good, I said the characters were retarded. any way I can appeal that because I think its just wrong to WARN somebody because of that, and thus I can't create a topic to put this codes so I looked up a BF3 thread to put this.
GT: Kain Garland, PSN: KainGarland,

User Info: MRL3G3ND

6 years ago#59
battlefield 3 I don't understand how people can run around a square and play tag over and over all day.

I play cod for the SP, and I will play with my clan until I get to the last level, and I quit...running around in that box gets redundant quickly...and reiterations with the same engine don't make it any better..

but there are a lot of people out there were there only game is cod
Tactical Gaming At Its Best!!!!

User Info: snkrules

6 years ago#60
forgot, more on topic, Battlefield 3 because of the larger scale war, with vehicles and having to adapt to situations more often when you play. (ie. oh theres an enemy tank, I should flank and mark the target so my team can take it out, etc etc)
GT: Kain Garland, PSN: KainGarland,
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