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Look, Kinect is really accurate

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User Info: SnowFox7

6 years ago#21
OmegaFlare18 posted...
what's ironic is there's a Kinect ad on this site's main page:

Wha? An ad you say?... Hrmmm... Nope, I don't see any see ads around here... Or anywhere else on the internet... Haven't for years... I was pretty sure they'd gone extinct.

Oh wait, you must not be using adblock+... /facepalm. :P

Oh and that video was pretty funny lol... Would be a cool little gizmo if they had it actually do what they claim it does, but I knew from the launch of the thing that the tech just isn't there yet, or at least isn't being used in mainstream consoles... Maybe if it were some really high end PC gadget, but then it would have no games, cost a fortune, and you'd have no friends to play it with...

Maybe next gen this whole body controller thing will go better, or the gen after. Maybe longer than that, idk. But it sucks pretty bad right now lol.

User Info: scoobydoobydont

6 years ago#22
Preview code, noisy/busy environment? How could Kinect let us down? What a failure!

Oh look, Kinect trolls trolling on Kinect. this is new and interesting.
Sometimes questions are more important than answers.
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