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Was Enslaved any good?

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User Info: Jimilligan

5 years ago#1
I thought the demo was kind of fun. Wondering how the whole game was. Like how long was it? Did it stay fresh or was it climb- protect girl- climb some more?
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User Info: ffturismo03

5 years ago#2
I liked it, it was about average length for that type of game, 8-10 hours I would say depending what difficulty you play it on.
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User Info: DrZombie

5 years ago#3
It has it's moments, worth playing if you can get it cheap, 6.5/10 IMHO.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

5 years ago#4
Not that good imo it's slightly above average.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

5 years ago#5
Evil Mr Jingles posted...
It has it's moments, worth playing if you can get it cheap, 6.5/10 IMHO.

Just wanted to rate it same as you 6.5 what a coincidence =D
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User Info: HulkxxSMASH

5 years ago#6
I got it in a 2 for £20 new offer online with Dead Rising 2. I wasn't interested in the slightest at anything else in it except DR2 but I eventually decided on Enslaved.

I haven't played it yet but now I'm thinking 'argh, the whole games an escort mission?'
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User Info: josh924

5 years ago#7
I liked it; I bought it for $20 new a few months ago, just finished the story a few days ago. It reminds me a lot of Prince of Persia 2008, but I found the combat to be a lot more interesting than in that game (though some people seem to have a problem with this game's combat), though I did like the platforming in PoP better. Also, the story was better than I would have expected.

I don't think I would have paid full price for it, but its definitely worth at least $20; I probably would have paid $40 if I knew what I was getting into.
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User Info: mtjormitch

5 years ago#8
The game is easily a 8.5 overall, if you like story unlike the two others who hate good games in this topic. then you will love it, Hell, it is a great game!

To the two overall whining/complainers that hate good video games, please get new and better tastes please.
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User Info: jeeves

5 years ago#9
The writing is some of the best I've seen in recent memory (mainly in that the characters felt like real people). The gameplay is also pretty solid though nothing hugely spectacular (the characters can take awhile to react to actions).

Also, the game's not really one long escort mission. You do have a character who you're meant to protect but they do a good job of making sure she's not just constantly in danger and actually provides a fair amount of support.

User Info: ramsean

5 years ago#10
Best writing, voice acting and animation i've seen in a game. Its also a fun beat em up, so yeah, its pretty good
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