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Driver: San Francisco is very much worth playing.

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User Info: MadLaughter

6 years ago#1
The gameplay is fun, and they have some interesting twists with the shifting power.

Story is very interesting, they definitely get a lot out of the coma thing.

Characters were few but very fun. Jones, Sharan, Jericho, Tanner, all well realized for what they are. Even the minor characters get a lot of personality.

Very good looking game. Civilians can look a little janky, but the cars are sexy and the cutscenes are gorgeous. Good style, with the menus and recaps.

Sounds great, sometimes the dialogue was a little quiet but the game has a hell of a music selection.

Not sure about multiplayer, didn't try it. The driving is fun when you get the hang of it.

I rented it for a day at Blockbuster and rampaged through the story parts (and a decent number of side stuff) for $2 bucks, and it's a hell of a value. Never played a Driver game before, this one is worth it for the story/characters alone.
I'm with Coco

User Info: Nemerlight

6 years ago#2
I just didnt like driving in the game. Just controlling cars felt like its a boat or something. Still i hear good things from reviews so im sure fans will love it.
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User Info: MadLaughter

6 years ago#3
It was loose, yeah, but I felt that the more modern, sportier cars managed to handle pretty tight, especially if you start the turn early.
I'm with Coco

User Info: electrolyzer

6 years ago#4
I'll definetly pick this up down the track for sure. :)
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User Info: Magoichi

6 years ago#5
I feel like the handling is slightly better in the full version than the demo. I didn't like the demo that much for that reason.

User Info: MadLaughter

6 years ago#6
I'm with Coco
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User Info: Frisco557

6 years ago#9
electrolyzer posted...
I'll definetly pick this up down the track for sure. :)

This. I love racing games, but I haven't played a driver game and the driving physics were a bit weird.
Proud owner of an '87 Peugeot.

User Info: Trugamer

6 years ago#10
hellbringher posted...
Jinzouningen Juunana posted...
Hey guys I spent $60 on a game that should be sold for $20. Instead of admitting I wasted money I want to pretend it has good qualities in hopes that someone else will agree and I can feel better about my purchase. Hopefully someone will say they enjoy the game so I can also enjoy it even though it is clearly not fun. Maybe someone will use the infamous "it's better than the demo" comment. That will really make me feel better.

Real cute except you missed the part where he says he only rented the game.

Never claimed it was the best game ever simply said "worth playing" and you get a hard on for him.

Maybe it's time to change the diapy and take a nap
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