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So, Ghost returning in Modern Warfare 3? summary

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User Info: Darkblade9116

6 years ago#1
first off, this is not a discussion IF he survived mw2, but assuming he did, could he be in Modern Warfare 3?

now appearently alot of people think to spot him in the first reveal trailer:

then others including me, think its possible that he in fact took the name of Wallcroft. (voice actor of Gaz and Ghost confirmed to voice Wallcroft... coincidence??) now before yelling:
"Shut up dude, its Wallcroft from cod4" is he? why? "dude its on themodern warfare wiki" yeah very reliable that is... *sarcastic*

anyway on that second theory of him taking the name Wallcroft, i worked that out in a vid:

so do you think he can come back in modern warfare 3? and if so, you think he will return as casual Ghost or as Wallcroft?
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User Info: iEchoes

6 years ago#2
I still think Purna is by far the worst protagonist in any video game.

User Info: thatauthor

6 years ago#3
maybe they just like the guy's acting or something, though I did think Ghost was Gaz. After all I don't think you see Ghost's face(though I haven't played the SP since near release) and they do sound the same. though if they sound the same, then maybe the MC of Uncharted and Shadow complex are the same, after all they vaguely look the same, and have the same voice.
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