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Pes2012 or FIFA 2012?

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User Info: Cinn_kentsu89

5 years ago#1
Both demos are now out, which do you like better this year?

I've always been a pes fan but the last 2 fifas have been way better. This years FIFA felt boring and like something was off, haven't tried pes one yet.

User Info: oasisbeyond

5 years ago#2
I don't think pes as been worth it since Evo4,5,6,7... They were near perfection. Fifa 09 and the rest are all the same though. We need to wait till next gen for new engines. There's so little they can do with football / Soccer. Evo 7 was so good, cuz it was a sim, and still fun to play, it's a hard balance to achieve. That said, I never both a Fifa game since 95. 09 was good, but I was bored of it after 2 days. Real football / Soccer it takes 20 shots sometimes just to hit the net. lol. And Evo 4 to 7 nailed that. It was so fun scoring goals cuz they were so unexpected.

I got pes or winning eleven 8th to 9 and then pes 2007 and 2008. They went down the hill though.

It's really up to you in the end, just rent both and see if they can keep your attention for months. I use to love sport games, but after nfl2k5... Nothing can surpass that in any sport.
Presentation is what made it feel real, like I was actually competing in a real season, and the gameplay was great too. That what these games lack this gen. I want highlight of the weeks, injury reports, a weekly sport show talking about all the teams or at least the ones a head of you. Same goes for NHl 12, it's just more of the same. Played 09? You've played them all. No point buying, just rent till you get sick.

Although next summer is Euro, so that will get me excited.
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