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Deathsmiles is still the best 360 game

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User Info: themerlin

6 years ago#11
We all have opinions of our best games.

Im ejoying Fable 3 immensely this week and love the quests, just wish they put in the hard mode and repair all feature like they did in the pc version.

I also cannot play Oblivion anyymore the game has aged badly.
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User Info: Santo3485

6 years ago#12
I like Deathsmiles and I love shmups. But best game on 360?

Come ooon...
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6 years ago#13
win game is win
This sentence has five words.

User Info: silenthill4vid

6 years ago#14
SuperSuikoden posted...
I don't see why Japanese like these kind games XD

shmups are pretty niche there too i think.
tales of is japan's call of duty
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  3. Deathsmiles is still the best 360 game

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