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How long do special edition consoles stay on the shelves for?

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User Info: Jigglybuff

6 years ago#1
I wanted to get both the Epic Edition and the Limited Edition console for Gears 3. And then sell the game that was in the console edition to a friend for 30 bucks, and give my older(LAUNCH CORE MODEL, STILL RUNS GREAT NO PROBLEMS SINCE ITS RELEASE PEEPS!)to my younger bro.

But I work at a supermarket in Cali. And our union just issued a 72 hour strike notice. So I can only get the Epic edition since I need to save money for bills if we do strike.

So how long do they stay on shelves? Think I can get one in a month or two?
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User Info: BeefEaster

6 years ago#2
special edition consoles usually go pretty quick

I guess it really depends on how many were produced

User Info: stav8

6 years ago#3
You arent forced to strike if an union issues notice, its your choice end of the day they dont pay the bills

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

6 years ago#4
I hope you aren't part of that union that wants to strike over an added $5 per week to health care.

User Info: deadlysin24

6 years ago#5
Usually the special edition systems are pre order only at Gamestop, some times you get lucky if they have an odd number of pre orders because they ship 2 systems per box and they end up with an extra for a walk in. But once they are sold they are gone and usually do not get replenished because they are limited edition.
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User Info: BigReed

6 years ago#6
Unions are a pretty terrible idea.

Regardless, it depends on the game. The Gears 3 bundle probably won't last long, but at the one gamestop I go to, there is still a brand new FF13 bundle,unopened, and sitting there with a big not saying it's discounted.
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User Info: faris_ruhi

6 years ago#7
Depends. I can still go into some stores around here and find a Halo Reach Limited Edition 360.
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User Info: CapnStanky

6 years ago#8
BigReed posted...
Unions are a pretty terrible idea.

No, they're actually not a bad idea. Some aren't managed well. Some are managed really well.

User Info: greensacs

6 years ago#9
I still see the final fantasy elite around and when they have them they have a lot of them.
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