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Gears 3 manual

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User Info: Grey_Asakura

5 years ago#41
incase noone knows mvc3 has a rly great full colored manual :)

User Info: Zashule

5 years ago#42
Go buy a first party Wii game. In the US, they come with a full blown manual in english, spanish, and french. Those things are the biggest current gen manuals I know of.
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User Info: snkrules

5 years ago#43
the manual of EF2000 (flight sim game) was awesome it was like a small book and it containt alot of info, from airplanes to weapons and history, it was like 200 pages with pics etc.

Magic Knight Rayearth for Sega Saturn had a fully colored manual, with tons of art, it was great to look at and read.

Personally I loved manuals, gave me something to read while on the toilet XD.

User Info: shinobisBACK

5 years ago#44
first thing i would do when i got a new game was read the manual on the way home on the bus or in the car. i still look at the mario3 manual sometimes for nostalgia. i think the last game i had with a good manual was mgs3 on ps2, the manual was a comic that explained the controls i think.

now the manuals just suck. i wouldn't even call them manuals. no color, sometimes not even a picture other than diagrams of the controller buttons. i agree with the others, they used to be good for reading in the bathroom too. :)
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