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Lets complain about RE4 thread!

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User Info: Crack_Addict

5 years ago#21
After I heard it was just an upscale to HD, and wasn't actually HD I decided not to download it. I've already played it, and I don't really see a reason. I guess that's complaining.

That's nothing.

As a major RE4 fan, I was waiting months for this damn game. I haven't anticipated a game like that since Oblivion (there seems to be a trend for me here). I surfed the board and the hopes/anticipation of the people turned out to be so out of whack with what actually appeared.

I was expecting completely re-made graphics and a $20-$30 pricetag. Others were expecting new levels, new clothes/weapons, new cutscenes, and so on. As it turns out, all any of us got was upscaled graphics and a small set of achievements...and that's it.

Ultimately, it didn't bothered me too much, but yes, it did dampened the enthusiasm for the game.

Forced? Nobody is being forced to buy anything from the market place. I can't tell if this is a joke or a troll topic.

I believe it's sarcasm.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#22
No disc = No buy

User Info: sockesocke

5 years ago#23
link0316 posted...
Because you have already played it and are being forced to buy this version 2!

yeah right capcom sent their goons to my house and one of them is holding a gun to my head. lol
jokes aside, i played the ps2 version and that was enough for me.

User Info: bowwowfan20

5 years ago#24
IAMGIYGAS posted...
bowwowfan20 posted...
ninja_poop posted...
bowwowfan20 posted...
My "friend" threw a big fit because I had 1600 MS point code to buy RE4 HD when he didn't so he whined, spammed me on email and cell, ignored me until I finally gave the MS points to him :/

How old is he?


Wow and you simply gave in to him? can you give me microsoft points to?

Threats are what made me cave in, not the childish whining or spamming.

User Info: bhaalsmasher

5 years ago#25
Played it and beat it on the Gamecube and I have no desire to ever play it again.
**** SALT.

User Info: link0316

5 years ago#26
Yes 2 confirm it was just sarcasm. Of course there not forcing you to buy it lol.
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User Info: Zanimar

5 years ago#27

From: bowwowfan20 | #024
Threats are what made me cave in, not the childish whining or spamming.

That so does not sound like a very good friend. I think you need a better friend, a gay friend... with benefits. ;P
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User Info: link0316

5 years ago#28
I did play it a lot when it came out on the gamecube and again with the bonus content on the ps2. Seriously one of the best games i have ever played. Cant wait for RE6.
GT : Zom6iesRPeople2
Playing : Dead Island

User Info: Combo Master

Combo Master
5 years ago#29
It's a lot better to play the game on the pc with hd mods believe it or not...
Combo Master

User Info: donwallo

5 years ago#30
This is my first time playing RE4 and I find the camera very aggravating. It's actually giving me an ache in my neck somehow. (Maybe I'm unconsciously tensing up trying to resist the camera jerking me around.)

In general I find the melee targeting very confusing, including item interactions. Suppose it gets better with practice.
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