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NAT problems with 2 360's on the same network

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User Info: Fustmonkey

5 years ago#21
I know people prefer the cysco routers, but I never heard that it was for security problems. Just general fans of them, and the fact that you can usually flash them and put on custom firmware. The DGL4500 is great. The only problem I had was the "enable DNS relay" option in the Basic>>Networking Settings. I had to uncheck that. Other than that, it should work perfectly right out of the box and you should be able to get both 360s online at the same time with no additional work.

But I would also set up Gamefuel (which is QoS).

If you do set up QoS, you'll probably want to reserve the IP addresses of the 360s and PCs so you can make rules to give your consoles priority over the computers. It's best to reserve the IP addresses, also in the Basic>>Network Settings section, and not make manual IP addresses on the xboxes and computers itself. That's a general rule when it comes to all routers.

I reserve my consoles from to, and my computers anywhere from to I named the one rule "Xbox307" because I used to do it by port number too, but now I leave it blank and if you go back and look, the port numbers get filled in automatically if you leave it blank. So I do the priority by IP address. If you PC game a lot you may want to do it by specific ports.

And things I don't reserve (like a friend comes over with his ipod or laptop) get an automatic IP address of somewhere between and

The uplink speed should be about 80 to 90 percent of your actual upload speed. I prefer to enter it manually rather than letting the application test it. So if my upload speed was 1000kbps I would use 800 or 900kbps.

With these rules the computers get less priority and the game consoles get more. If I'm PC gaming I'll just disable gamefuel, or usually I don't even bother if the consoles aren't on anyways. Some instructions that I've seen for setting up QoS / Gamefuel say not to use the high and low number, but it works flawlessly for me. (my consoles are set at "1" and the other things are set at "255")

Since you're using more than one 360 online at the same time, you do not want to use any of the Virtual Server, Special Applications, or Gaming options for your 360s. But you can certainly use them for the computers and other consoles.

I'd still like to hear how things turn out for you. There's not a whole lot of support for multiple 360s on one router. It's getting more common as people buy multiple 360 because they want one in their bedroom for netflix or whatever, but up until about 2 years ago there was hardly anything. So I like to keep up with what is working for people, in order to help out.
Fix your NAT:
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