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Thoughts on Bully and Just Cause 2?

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User Info: EnemyWithin88

6 years ago#1
I've been wanting Bully a long time but don't know much about it but I do know it wouldn't be too expensive and I played the Just Cause 2 demo but didn't really get a feel for it. Is the whole mission approach THAT loose the whole time? Is there an over abundance of boring crap to do like collectables?
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User Info: S0uIjaBoYisKiNG

6 years ago#2
just cause 2 has a bunch of collectibles a very loose structure for missions

only way to get missions is to accumulate a stat called "chaos". only way to get chaos is to collect collectibles, blow up things like fuel tanks, kill people (this method is impossibly slow), complete settlements (every settlement has collectibles or fuel tanks to gather or blow up. if you do everything in the settlement you gain a bonus amount of chaos or money) or do missions

there are only like 7 main story missions but you need a ton of chaos to do all of them and there are about 40 or so faction missions which can range from simply you going somewhere, killing someone and thats it, or going to an abandoned island and blowing up electomagnetic towers and escaping the security

some of the settlements are freaking sweet though like a strip club on a blimp and huge ass military forts, but some are little villages with only 1 collectible and then you complete it

there are also vehicle races and parachute/freefalling races which i think are pretty fun although some can get frustrating

just cause 2 is imo way better on pc because there are some seriously amazing mods like superman flight or unbreakable/infinite range grappling hooks, and you can play with a wired xbox controller if you dont like mouse and keyboard

if you cant get it for pc then the xbox version is still good, but dont watch youtube videos that have pc mods because xbox version is about 100 times worse without them
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

6 years ago#3
Man the days of having a quality gaming PC...better yet the days of having a job haha
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User Info: SteelWingKnight

6 years ago#4
Bully is fairly fun. You can get it for $20 and it's definitely worth. Think "GTA Lite", and I mean in that it's like the previous generation GTA's, which were actually fun. It's got a nice atmosphere to it an a lot of variety and different things to do.

Just Cause 2, I don't know, I heard it's like Mercenaries (one of my fave games of the last gen) but better than Mercenaries 2.

btw, is the name "EnemyWithin88" a reference to the Arch Enemy song?
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User Info: Mikejl87

6 years ago#5
If you enjoy sandbox games of any kind, Just Cause 2 is a must-have. There's so much to do without even touching the main missions. It does get a little repetitive though as mentioned before but the grapple hook is so much fun to play around with

Bully is a great game as well. Very GTA-like without the stealing cars and killing people part. I found the story to be entertaining and keep you interested in finishing the game until the end. For $20, I would say give it a shot

User Info: number1stunna

6 years ago#6
Bully is totally fun, I'd recommend it for sure. Open word and fun missions.
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User Info: cyric79

6 years ago#7
Just Cause 2 is ridiculous fun. One of, if not the best, free roam game out there IMO.
Cant wait for Saints Row 3, Soul Calibur 5 and Gears of War 3 (assuming the online works this time).

User Info: Raven-411

6 years ago#8
Bully is an AMAZING game

THe story is incredible

Characterization outstanding

Things to do in the game, endless

Customization again, genius

No other game has ever put you in a sandbox as a HIGH SCHOOL student

Just Cause is cool but its still "another sandbox shooter"

Bully is unique, one of a kind and the best of its generation

User Info: da_StoOge

6 years ago#9
I felt the same way about JC2 TC, but I eventually said "screw it", and picked it up. The game is amazing. It's repetitive, there's too much to collect, and I hate "loose" open world games, but JC2 is a blast.

There's so much to do that it's not even funny, and the whole experience is surprisingly polished.
Don't buy it if you want a linear, story heavy experience, but if you're looking for a relaxing game to play for an hour or two a day, then JC2 can't be beat.
I bought and finished it 6 months ago, but it's still in my 360 today. A great game to play hotseat (pass the pad every few minutes or on death) with mates, and a fantastic way to blow off steam.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

6 years ago#10
I guess I'll add both to my goozex queue. I'm just getting pretty burnt out on open world games. we'll I wouldn't say burnt out for good but I just played AC2:Brotherhood, then GTAIV all the way through with both DLCs complete and now they mailed me Saints Row 2 haha. But they both sound pretty awesome and good in their own ways.

and yes the screen name was inspired by an older arch enemy song. However I haven't listened to that band in forever. I'm way burnt out on melodic death metal.
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