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Can you get banned for.......?

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User Info: slyman19

5 years ago#1
Using an original 360 HDD on a Slim? I don't need to as I have a 250 Slim, but a friend says you can't get banned for.
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User Info: KentF

5 years ago#2
Using modified hardware on Xbox Live? Yeah, that sounds like a bannable offense to me, assuming they find out.
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User Info: alienated182

5 years ago#3
No, MS will not ban you for that.

User Info: Winternova

5 years ago#4
It's still a microsoft HDD, it won't be flagged for a console ban.
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User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

5 years ago#5
You absolutely will not get banned for that. You're still using an official 360 HDD. However, opening it does void the warranty so if anything goes wrong with the HDD it's 100% on you.

User Info: Duwstai

5 years ago#6
Someone supposedly said that one of the mods on said its technically hardware tampering and they reserve the right to ban you.

But no one has ever been banned for it.
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User Info: SaraAB87

5 years ago#7
Yes its on the forums on the official Xbox live website that this is hardware tampering and that its not allowed. However I haven't heard of any bans from it yet but I wouldn't count those out yet. Its very easy for them to see what capacity you have in your Xbox, if they see you have 20 or 60 or 120GB which are not made for the slim they could issue a wave of bans and target this infraction. The only capacity's that are allowed are 4GB, 250GB and 320GB for the slim, and of course USB drives.
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User Info: SODIS

5 years ago#8
The scary part about the bans is that they ban in waves to catch the pirates/hackers. So unlike the norm: you could be caught in the ban wave. You'd probably get it appealed since you were swapping HDD and it is an official one, but it clearly shows in the ToS what MS thinks of hardware tampering and they were broad in that area.

User Info: matt342

5 years ago#9
How could they possibly ever find out?

User Info: SaraAB87

5 years ago#10
I think the fake hard drives that are circulating are much more likely to get banned than the official ones, but MS could drop the ban hammer on these violations at any time, and since you technically did violate the TOS, when they specifically said its against the TOS you will have no recourse. Any kind of hardware tampering is against the TOS from what I understand, and the official forums specifically single out using an older hard drive in a Slim xbox (since you have to take off the case to get it to fit) as a violation of TOS hardware tampering.

As for telling I am sure they have a way to tell what hard drive you are using in what console, everything has a serial number and they should be able to see capacity. If they see someone has a 60GB hard drive in a slim then that is a TOS violation and they could be banned.

What's scary is that the fake hard drives being sold on Amazon or Ebay are often sold as official drives..... so someone who is buying one of those will likely not know. I f the ban hammer comes down they may not know why they have been banned. The fake drives are all flashed with the same serial number etc, and you cannot play xbox live originals from them, again from what I understand. So it wouldn't be hard at all to drop the ban hammer on these.

Again I have no idea if Microsoft will issue a wave of bans for these violations, as I am just a consumer like everyone else here but I wouldn't be surprised. I would prefer if they at least issued a warning and gave everyone a chance to get an official hard drive before being banned for good. I think that is more fair since some people are buying these hard drives and they don't even know they are fake, or that it is against TOS to put an old hard drive in the slim.
Apple Gamecenter username : SaraAB87
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