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Need new TV...

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User Info: k0rriban

6 years ago#1
Should I wait till Black Friday or are there deals that are just as good going on now? I'm looking to spend under $750. The only thing I'm looking for is that the new TV be around the 40-42" range, 1080p, internet would be nice but not a requirement, and something that works well with FPS. I'll be replacing a 2 year old Samsung LCD that just went out and I was never crazy with Samsung to begin with. $750 is the maximum as I got my 42" Toshiba for $499 and another 40" Westinghouse last Black Friday for $250 but it was miserable sitting in the cold and rain lol.

Any suggestions? Brands to look at?
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User Info: KidInTheHall

6 years ago#2
At this point, just wait for Black Friday. As far as brands, I decided to try an LG Plasma last year and love it.

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