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Lost: Via Domus...

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User Info: Prealienking

5 years ago#1
So, in the past month, I have become a complete Lost addict. I absolutely love the show.

So, my question is, is Lost: Via Domus worth a rent from gamefly? Is it a worthy addition to the show, or should I act like it doesn't exist?
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User Info: Justice98405

5 years ago#2
Worthy addition to the show? No, not in my opinion.
A decent game to play, if you can ignore the LAME ending it has? Sure, why not. Especially since you are such a big Lost fan.
I rented this a LONG time ago, and it was alright.
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User Info: delux19

5 years ago#3
I am a HUGE Lost fan, but have not played it yet. Seems like it has an interesting story though.

User Info: LanternOfAsh

5 years ago#4
Do it. Doesn't matter if it's good or not, you can get 1000gs from it in a few hours. What kind of self respecting Lost addict would you be if you didn't have this in your profile.

It's pretty decent, not much of a game though. It's not gonna hurt you or anything.
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User Info: Prealienking

5 years ago#5
Thank you for your insight on the matter!

EDIT: two more responses while I was posting this lol.

Seems that I will be checking this game out, once I finish Tales of Vesperia!
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Warning: all posts after Midnight Central Time are a form of natural high that occurs due to lack of sleep.

User Info: TimberWolfBobby

5 years ago#6
As a huge Lost fan myself, I made the mistake of paying 60 dollars for this game at launch. Probably one of my biggest gaming purchase regrets ever. I'd still say it's worth a rental if you love the show though. It's also an easy 1000 gamerscore.
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User Info: Raven-411

5 years ago#7
I played it, I'll say its a DECENT GAME

Equal to the show, no

BUT fun for any lost fan

Also the graphics are stunning

And its fun playing as the cast

User Info: Knifegash

5 years ago#8
I got it at Gamestop and returned it the next day. It's ridiculously short, but it's pretty neat interacting with the cast. But when I say it's short, it's short. I mean, when you start, you're in Season 1, you go into the jungle for a bit, and when you come back, it's Season 2 already. I feel really bad for the Lost fans expecting elaboration on some of the plot twists and bought the game at $60 on launch. It's worth $5, at best.
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User Info: AnonymousFriend

5 years ago#9
The non-canon story made me return the game without playing it.
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User Info: LikeTheSalt

5 years ago#10
If you're a huge Lost fan, then rent it. It's not a thrill per minute type of game with high production values, but it's still pretty fun overall.
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