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Bloody Roar 5 possibly a hoax....

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User Info: Scotty2CawmanV3

6 years ago#1
Interesting read....

Sucks for the fans though, I would have loved to have seen the series revived. :(
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

6 years ago#2
I used to dominate in Bloody Roar 2.

I thought it was a great concept of a game. I would love to see a new one, maybe with some create-a-fighter elements, stats, color customization (since it'd be unrealistic to completely create unique animal forms), etc.

But only if it was done right. I'd rather not have it if it was half-assed.
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User Info: drink

6 years ago#3
This was one of my fav fighting games. I wish they would remake it.
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