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So, sorta new to Xbox.

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User Info: doomman328

6 years ago#1
So far I own:

Halo Reach: Love it
Gears of War 1-3: Like 1, hate 2/3
L4D2: Like it
RDR: Like it
Halo ODST: Aside from the controls, i like it.

What are some other decent multiplayer games (preferably exclusive, since I own a PS3 as well and know of all the bigger third party games like BF and CoD) for this system besides GoW and Halo? Next game I'm probably grabbing for this system is MW3 (BF3 on PS3), so i'm slightly stumped what to get next.

User Info: _SCOTSLAD

6 years ago#2
No multiplayer but Alan Wake, Mass Effect 1 also if you have not played on ps3 continue on to ME2.
"I just heard a *FUMP* sound, like that of a billion fanboy heads exploding in unison."
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