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One of my problmes with DLC: Saint's Row 2...

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  3. One of my problmes with DLC: Saint's Row 2...

User Info: kingbahamut83

6 years ago#21
there's no imperative for the publisher to reduce the price.

You mean incentive. I get the desire for wanting the DLC for cheaper but its already been mentioned that with used game sales keeping devs from making money, I don't it will drop for another year if that.
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User Info: AnonymousFriend

6 years ago#22
It's the developer's choice whether or not to drop the price of the content, unless a Microspft policy says otherwise.

I think that issues like these are a result of developers forgetting that the content is even still up on a server sometimes. A possible solution could be to include the content in new copies of the Platinum hits versions of the game.

I can see them addressing the issue more next gen when downloadable purchases become more common and they start pushing for a full download only method.


This isn't the normal "RAGE!!! Developers are stupid! This should be blah-blah-blah!" kind of topic. This is a valid observation and complaint. And actually the most valid complaint that I've seen against DD. what developers do now and continue to do in the near future will shape people's perception of how DD will work when that's the only way of getting content.
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  3. One of my problmes with DLC: Saint's Row 2...

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