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About Dark Souls...

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User Info: CapnStanky

6 years ago#31
NotoriousCPD posted...
"and I laugh my ass off whenever I see a DS fan bash Bethesda for releasing a buggy game."

And his motivation is revealed.

Yeah, hypocrisy is a bad thing.

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

6 years ago#32
This game is pretty good. I haven't run across any of the problems CapnStanky has had really. All boss fights worked for me so far (Just beat the Ceaseless Discharge), the Hellkite Dragon is still trolling the bridge, I'm not about to spend hours just beating him with arrows though, i need a better bow.

There's lots of parts in the game that scared the crap out of me (That is no treasure chest!). Many things that I found just flat out amazing, lot's of varied atmosphere. When you find new gear or weapons or discover new areas, it just urges you onwards.

The more open world aspect of the game works much better than the 5 single world levels of Demon's Souls, if one area is giving you troubles, there's usually at least 2 or 3 alternate areas to grind or explore in.

The only times where I did actually scream bloody murder was on 2 bosses where you have to track a long ways just to die in one blow (Capra Demon, don't tell me any of you killed him on the first try!). But with better equipment and the right strategy victory will be yours.

In the end the good definitely outweighs the bad. But then again I liked Zelda II for nes, which some call the black sheep of that series, this game reminds me alot of that. It's personally incredibly challenging and satisfying. Very happy with my purchase.

User Info: DundiesAward

6 years ago#33
Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned but you can't pause the game in any way. So if your in a Boss Fight and have to go to Bathroom or answer phone. Game Over.

User Info: Villain_S_Fiend

6 years ago#34
That's why we're taught as children to use the bathroom before we commit to a long ride. >_>

User Info: DundiesAward

6 years ago#35
Villain_S_Fiend posted...
That's why we're taught as children to use the bathroom before we commit to a long ride. >_>

I know but it doesn't even pause when your controller dies.
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