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Unable to get Battlefield games to work.. PLEASE HELP!!

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User Info: HiGHdEF_DaZE

6 years ago#1
Before the Battlefield 3 beta launched, I was playing Battlefield Bad Co online 24/7. But now however I am unable to get this or any other Battlefield to work.. I have tried everything I could think of to fix the problem, but have had no luck. Now the weird thing is I have another Xbox profile that I used during the free weekend thing, and I was able to get both the beta and Battlefield Bad Co to work.. I really want to know why I cant get these games to work on my main Xbox LIVE profile. If you guys can help me I would appreciate it thanks.

User Info: Cellski916

6 years ago#2
was your ea account banned?


6 years ago#3
Try playing a single player mission, get to a checkpoint, quit and go into multi. I know it sounds crazy. But that's how I was able to play BFBC2 awhile back when ea servers were acting crazy.
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User Info: TaffmanG

6 years ago#4
You lucky, lucky man.

User Info: IceBawls

6 years ago#5
Unplug your 360 from the internet. Turn it on and go to the settings for the clock, set it to 11/17/2005. Turn the 360 off, plug the ethernet back in. Turn the 360 on and see if you can get into a game.

That worked for me.
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User Info: HiGHdEF_DaZE

6 years ago#6
I do not think my EA account was banned but if you could tell me how to check to see if it was banned that would help. Also the last 2 solutions ill try tonight and post the results tonight if I am able to.

User Info: HiGHdEF_DaZE

6 years ago#7
So i dindnt try anything because I was able to get it to work finally. I think it had somthing to do with the beta being out itself.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

6 years ago#8
EA's servers have sucked since the beginning of time. They started off on PS2 where they required you to furnish your own online experience...because they didn't have a live service...and instead of using Live they've always tried to do something extra that rarely worked and left it a pain to get online...

This WILL kill BF3

there should be no reason what so ever for someone to buy a game and not be able to play it
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  3. Unable to get Battlefield games to work.. PLEASE HELP!!

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