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DE:HR or Dark Souls?

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User Info: adonfraz

5 years ago#21
Toys R Us B2G1 Free starts next week

Get all three

Winner: You
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User Info: norrinsands

5 years ago#22
Haven't played Dark Souls (going to rent it) but DE: HR is one of my favorite games this generation.
Done with JRPGs and pretty much J anything at this point.

User Info: Aragorn428777

5 years ago#23 seems there really isn't a unanimous answer besides "Can't go wrong with Batman's sequel."

Guess I'll just have to dive into one of these games and decide for myself haha

Damn hard decisions...
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5 years ago#24

de hr is amazing though

User Info: jo3_n_k8

5 years ago#25

All three are good, but some of the early reviews are calling AC one of the best games ever made.
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