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I hope all HD ports is the beginning of seeing remakes, and remasters

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  3. I hope all HD ports is the beginning of seeing remakes, and remasters

User Info: MikeStutter

6 years ago#21
For first I don't care about the HD ports since they practically don't do anything, a slightly polished visuals and framerate, and I don't even see those differences. Also I don't like the achievement/trophies being added even in old games.

I wouldn't really have anything against complete remakes, but most don't even seem to know how to do those.
Resident Evil 1 was the only perfect remake.
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes was nearly perfect except new voice acting completely ruined the game.
Tomb Raider was somewhat okay at beginning but began to lose it the more I played it. In the end it was really crappy.
Goldeneye got changed from being Goldeneye to Call Of Duty clone with a new main character.

So make it right and don't change stuff drastically and I don't have to complain.

User Info: kst8er

6 years ago#22
i wish they would lower the price by a whole bunch
"I consider myself an artist, but I would give it all up for a boatload of money" Jim Gaffigan

User Info: faris_ruhi

6 years ago#23
I wouldn't mind having some handheld games being remastered for consoles. I never have and never will own a handheld gaming device that is not a phone. I want to play games on my TV, or my projector, with surround sound while sitting on my couch a good distance away from the screen.
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User Info: link0316

6 years ago#24
I would be on board if Capcom would update Resident Evil 2. Even Nemesis.
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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

6 years ago#25
I think what many miss about these HD ports is not only are the old games completely dated without the HD facelift -- BUT they look ATROCIOUS on an HDTV. That is why people don't really appreciate the beauty of Code Veronica for instance because in many peoples minds these games look more or less how their "memory" remembers them, - that same person needs to hook up a Dreamcast to an HDTV to really get the full effect of what time and technology has done... God of War 2 looks absolutely sick now on HDTV when remastered but TERRIBLE on a PS2 with the old yellow wire treatment.

User Info: dannyaq

6 years ago#26
thing is, nintendo won't be doing that. nintendo just rereleases the games untouched. those are the ones most revisiting.
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User Info: shinobisBACK

6 years ago#27
i want to see remakes of old games too. but i mean real remakes, like what they did with the original resident evil on gamecube. that one was an actual remake, from the ground up. lots of new things, and enough updating that it was like playing a brand new game pretty much. if they did this with re2 and re3... awesome :) these hd ports are ok, but everything is the same. i want REAL remakes.

also, agreed on the tokyo xtreme racer, used to love that series :) flash your highbeams!
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  3. I hope all HD ports is the beginning of seeing remakes, and remasters

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