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Xbox Lag related to the guide - anyone else?

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User Info: Jetblackmoon

5 years ago#1
For several weeks now, I get ridiculous console lag when I hit the guide button on my controller. Sometimes it comes up and everything works with no issues, but sometimes I'll hit the guide button, and my 360 will sit there for like 10 seconds before opening up the interface. Same thing happens when I'm changing screens within the guide, like if I click on someone's profile because I want to invite them to a party or something, or I move left/right between the party screen to my friends list or my message inbox or my recent players. A few of my friends seem to have this issue as well, but not all of them.

When I'm playing actual games, there's no lag issue inside the games themselves, just when I do things that involve opening/closing/browsing the guide interface. It'll often make me lag out of parties too - I'll be in them, get the lag while doing something related to the guide, then I'll sudden leave and rejoin the party automatically.

Anyone know what's up with this? If it matters, my speedtest results are:

and my NAT type is open.
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User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#2
I miss the blades dashboard......

Welcome to the new dark ages

User Info: Section_165

5 years ago#3
Have you tried clearing the cache?

Guide button > right twice > down twice memory > press Y > clear system cache > select Yes

That will clear any game/system updates and only download the newest patch for any game again next time you play it.

Doing that should help. Unless you have a lot of music on your HDD as well, that can also keep it slow I've found

User Info: shinobisBACK

5 years ago#4
the interface is just a laggy pos on xbox, its always been like that. even the blades were laggy. its actually faster now than it ever was, but its still slow to pop-up.

User Info: Jetblackmoon

5 years ago#5
I've cleared my cache several times in the past, but that was due to a different issue where games that I would play every day would require updates every time I went to play them and someone told me clearing the cache would fix it.

I don't have any music on my HDD, as far as I know. Still have around 70 GB free. It's also definitely not always been like this - it only started a few weeks ago where I'd get lag when opening/closing/browsing the guide.
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User Info: JKSonic

5 years ago#6
Since that last update (which I assume was a preload for the big update coming) I've had a lot of odd things happening too. Sometimes everything loads quicker, sometimes it signs on quicker (it usually signs onto LIVE after the dashboard loads, a few times it's signed on before), and sometimes I get tons of lag.
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

5 years ago#7
I think it's been happening since before the dashboard update - could be wrong though.
It never ends.
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