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i need help for my super dilemma....

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User Info: Shadow15463

5 years ago#1
i cannot decide which game to buy because they all come out at the same time, but i only have money for one. should i get Skyrim, Sonic (big fan here), halo anniversary, or Zelda: skyward sword?

let it be known that i love each of these series immensly, which is why im having trouble deciding
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User Info: Izick_the_Spy

5 years ago#2
I'm only helping because it was a super dilemma, but Skyrim, obviously.
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User Info: poultrygeist1

5 years ago#3
Skyrim is the decider if you ask me. On the one hand, it will likely be filled with bugs and glitches that will take a while to get patched, and if you're a person who likes to look up game information about it online, it will take a while for the wiki, gamefaqs to catch up. On the other hand it will keep you busy the longest while other games drop in price/ you get more money. As much as I am looking to Sonic Generations, I can't really imagine choosing it first among all of these huge holiday games. I'd personally go with Skyward Sword, partly because that game will not drop in price for a decade, partly because it's almost guaranteed to be good.

User Info: HulkxxSMASH

5 years ago#4

Edit: I should've read more than the topic title
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User Info: XyleTheAlmighty

5 years ago#5
I'd say either Skyrim or SS (which are, incidentally, the two games I'm trying to decide between). I want Sonic Generations a LOT, especially after playing the demo, but I can almost guarantee it will be around $20 after Christmas. You'd be better off with one of the other two.
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  3. i need help for my super dilemma....

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