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Why even have difficulties since easy mode is considered "lame"?

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  3. Why even have difficulties since easy mode is considered "lame"?

User Info: Jedi_Mercenary

5 years ago#41
So I like to dominate women and love big boobs ha? You learn new things about yourself every day I guess. I had always thought I stood for equality, but I guess I'm working in a library just to look at my all-female coworkers (haven't checked out their boob size, but I bet they must be huge when such a horrible person as I work there).

What else can you tell about me GTA Assassin? I kinda like violent videogames (sure I play Mini Ninjas and Lego games too, but lets ignore that) so that must tell something about me too, right? Maybe I hate homosexual people? Or maybe jews? Do I actually like ballet, and I'm just suppressing my feelings for it. Maybe I am homosexual!

OMG! My sister often plays Halo on Legendary! Does she like dominating big boobed women too?
Random Salarian soldier walks into Udina's office. Salarian: "I would like to know more about human culture". Udina: "We humans are..."

User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#42
TC is either an incredibly stupid older person with a bumbling level of hand eye coordination and absolutely no ability to grasp the concept behind differing opinions/tastes ...

Or... Far more likely:

Gee, I wonder which it is... Hrmmm...
Welcome to the new dark ages
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  3. Why even have difficulties since easy mode is considered "lame"?

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