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looking for good horror movies on netflix

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User Info: ShadowBayne

5 years ago#51
Well, the overall consensus is The Thing (1982) and rightfully so. It is indeed a masterpiece. I have to post on this board more often. I never knew good taste existed here :P
Kevin Bacon's best movie would have to be a tie...between all of them.

User Info: Duwstai

5 years ago#52
GawdDawgs posted...

You're right. I purposely skipped over your "suggestion" because what would be the point in doing that? So you can shoot down and insult movies I like as some sort of retaliation because I didn't like The Thing? You already slung dirt at me by saying I must have horrible taste in movies because I thought The Thing sucked. That is hilarious

I never said you had bad taste.

I asked for movies you think are good so perhaps I could understand your taste, and why you may not have liked The Thing.

But your refusal to do that, and your continued nonsense posting confirmed your terrible troll status.

Ill give you a 2/10 though. Even though it was obvious, I did bite.

Mainly because I recognize that people do have different preferences, so I was willing to accept that someone genuinely wasnt a fan of the movie, and I was wondering why.
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User Info: GodDogs

5 years ago#53
This is what you posted before:

Pretty sure youre just trolling though. II mean no movie is for everyone, and just because you didnt love it doesnt mean youre trolling... but to call it a cheesy B movie with bad acting and effects is one of the most laughable things Ive ever heard.

Did you even watch it?

Maybe if you posted a list of your favorite horror movies I could understand the difference in our preferences, and how one could have such a terrible opinion.

You're doubting I even watched it because how else could I hate the movie? This is clear implication that you think I have bad taste in horror movies. You don't have to say it verbatim to get this point across. Saying I have a terrible opinion pretty much gives that away.

I generally don't like horror movies, but I gave this one a chance because of good word of mouth, but I was laughing my ass off at the bad dialog and especially when that guys chest turned into a giant mouth and bit off the doctors hands. Is this seriously considered a horror "masterpiece?" I think that's the most laughable thing I've ever heard.
It does not matter where we go. It is not the destination that is the journey.

User Info: KibutoLee

5 years ago#54
Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
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User Info: Shy420

5 years ago#55
RyanBraun8 posted...
Troll 2

You're welcome! :D

Was that the Troll in the Hood one?

On that note of Trolls anyone see Troll Hunter? Pretty interesting docu-movie.
"Things aren't different. Things are just things." -Wintermute
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