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Rate games/help pick which to play

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User Info: BrothaLynshHung

6 years ago#1
My buddy lent me a bunch of games and I mainly wanna know what to ones to play first as in which are good, maybe short so i can move on to other ones and not feel like a have a crapload of games to play, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.
Marvel ultimate alliance
project gotham racing 4
section 8
nascar 09
legend of spyro dawn of dragon
shaun white snowboarding
overlord 2
red faction guerilla
cabelos dangerous hunts 09
devil ma cry 4
last remnent
fallout new vegas (tried it cant really stand to play it)
nhl 09, 10
tiger woods 11
too human
need for speed most wanted, carbon
lesiure suite larry box office bust
mercenaries 2
bully scholarship edition
the club
dead rising
destroy all humans path of furon
far cry 2
time shift
mortal kombat vs dc universe
race driver gris
chronicles of riddick assault on athena
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User Info: Obtik

6 years ago#2
Far Cry 2 is awful, anything racing is pretty long
Bully and Red Faction are good but of decent length, especially Bully.
List is too long
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User Info: Dragovian1

6 years ago#3
RF: Guerilla is a ton-o-fun, but like the above poster stated, it may be too long. I'd say just pick a few of 'em if you have to get them back anytime soon. Hopefully you could finish them and check out the others you're interested in later.
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