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I'm gonna pre-order skyrim on thursday. I have questions plz help

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  3. I'm gonna pre-order skyrim on thursday. I have questions plz help

User Info: bronze4v4pro

6 years ago#1
1. Is there some kind of deadline to pre-order skyrim? It comes out in 10 days. Am I too late to pre-order at gamestop?

2. If I pre-order at gamestop, is it guaranteed to be in stock when I buy it on 11/11? I ask this because I'm leaving town for a week and I want the game to be there.

3. How much do I have to pay minimum? I only got like 5 bucks and my mom has the rest.
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User Info: thedon

6 years ago#2
you can still preorder it

you have 48 hours to pick it up from the day it comes out. meaning when it comes out after 2 days any copies on reserve can be sold to people that didnt reserve it. this doesnt mean you lose your money you just have get a copy from the next shipment but you shouldnt have any problems because this is a heavy hitter game so there will be hundreds of copies..

and the minimum you have to put down is 5 dollars on the regular edition 25 on the limited..
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User Info: GingivitisLeg

6 years ago#3
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User Info: BFMV1

6 years ago#4
Pretty sure you can pre-order up to before the day, as long as there is stock.

If there are any in stock when you pre-order, a copy will be reserved for you.

I think there is a minimum of $5, not too sure though.!/ImATable

User Info: DjHotness

6 years ago#5
$5 from Gamestop/Ebgames. You pay the rest when you pick it up. Also you can pay fully when you preorder it.

User Info: DeltaZero

6 years ago#6
1) No deadline for pre-ordering, unless you want a Limited Edition, in which case they might run out of pre-orders.

2) No. It will be in stock until it runs out. Pre-ordering from Gamestop doesn't necessarily mean they will have a copy for you on release day. Sometimes they just run out of copies before fulfilling all pre-orders. You would just have to keep calling to check if they received more copies to go pick up your own some other day.

3)5$ minimum on a normal edition. The costly Limited Editions ($150) require around$30.

User Info: jefink08

6 years ago#7
Games of this size and popularity, you will absolutely get a copy. You really don't have to preorder it at all, but now since they have consistently been including preorder bonuses it makes sense just to do it anyway.

Now, if you really want a game that there is ZERO hype for and most people have probably never heard of it. That is the kind of game you want to put your money down on. Some store might not even get a single copy.

User Info: d209999

6 years ago#8
Kingdom of Alamur: Reckoning

Just saying

User Info: COLT1991A1

6 years ago#9
i think gamestop would be able to answer those questions.

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User Info: DahlVaughnni

6 years ago#10
Don't be surprised if you get your game from gamestop either damaged or missing its preorder bonuses. And no you won't likely get it on 11/11/11, they're usually a day or two late, depending on where you live. They always tried to tell me it wasn't out anywhere for another day or two, so I would go to walmart and buy it there on day 1.

Once I went back to show them I had it when it was supposed to come out and they accused walmart of breaking the street date, despite the fact that it was release day.

I thought you weren't getting skyrim anymore because kingdoms of amalur was going to have 43,000 hours of gameplay in a world 56x the size of skyrim's?
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