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Question about 20GB HDD in 4GB slim.

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User Info: BFMV1

6 years ago#1
I took the HDD out of my old phat 360 and put it in that extension area on the 4GB.

Is there anyway to set the 20GB as the main hard drive? I had to move my gamertag etc over to the default drive. I just want to use that as the default drive, so i can keep everything on there.!/ImATable

User Info: CapwnD

6 years ago#2
There is no such thing as a default drive. The HDD are listed first, then the old memory cards, then internal flash, then the external flash devices (usb). if you have more than one USB or original memory card one or the other will be listed alphabetically with the other, but still remain in the order listed above.
As Above, So Below

User Info: electrolyzer

6 years ago#3
lol, hey bon
Gamertag : xXThoraxeXx
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