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Wow, people must think its really cool to hate CoD!

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User Info: Prismatico

6 years ago#81
If you think MB2 was "damn near identical" you have vision or memory issues.

He wasn't talking about Doki Doki Panic re-skinned (in reference to the identical comment). If you had bothered to check the link you would know this.

User Info: DesperateMonkey

6 years ago#82
"Yea. A new layer of gloss and that is it. MM is the except (maybe) the others could just be fanboys buying."

So you have to be a fanboy to like a series? I guess I am a dexter fanboy because I keep watching them even though its the same guy who keeps killing people the same way over and over? I can't believe you would attack people as fanboys for liking a series and MM is definitely no exception. Loved Hudsons 1,2&3. Loved SoR 1,2 and 3. Loved Street Fighter 2/Turbo/Hyper/whatever. Loved Sonic 1-?. Loved FF1-6 as well as the samey Square RPGs on top of those.

"Hell most of the Wii sales are either fanboys or non gamers."

Irrelevant and unproven.

"You of all people should understand that. All I ask is that they at least branch out further. WaW was different enough from MW."

Wait, you just said adding zombies was a new gloss and now you say WaW was different... wtf are you talking about? Keep consistent. MW2 had an extremely different setting for its campaign, had tons of multiplayer tweaks and improvements over MW and had Spec Ops.

"Hell even going back to the WaW would have been better. I admit there are not many places to go in FPSs without going in the future or on treaded ground."

We are just glad you don't work in gaming. MW was a much better game with a much better story. The only thing MW needed was zombie mode which is >>>>>>>>>>> spec ops as people apparently spend hundreds of hours just playing that mode.

"That is when it is time to reinvent or drop the franchise and start something else."

Lets make up more BS? Its time to drop a franchise when people don't care about it anymore. People still do love MW and CoD and if they like it, you saying "they are stupid for liking it" isn't exactly a good or logical reason to stop the series.

"I guess the "few exceptions" comment went over your head. Not sure how to make that any simpler."

Few exceptions? Like DKCR, KEY, Kirby's Dream Land, Wario Land Shake It, Contra 4, Hardcorps (contra), NSBM, NSMBWii, Mario Party 9, MKWii, MK DD, MK9, SFIV/SSFIV/AE, Tekken 6, Pokemon forever and dozens of other examples? Maybe try a few games so I don't have to name everything for you.

"Yes. Pretty much. People should not buy stuff JUST because they like it. If people keep on buying crap, people will stilll sell crap."

Except quality is all human perception. What people perceive to be good entertainment IS good entertainment. The only way something can be crap is if people don't like it. Your logic is pointless.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

6 years ago#83
"I am all for peop0le being happy but not at the expensive of others or creativity."

So your saying because modern warfare released, Portal 2, Arkham City, Dark Souls, Skyrim and every other game this year lost creativity? What is this, I don't even? How is it at your expense? Did someone at school beat you up for your lunch money to fund their CoD craving?

"I am thinking YOU did not own a SNES and just googled a few games."

I have over a hundred SNES and genesis games on my handheld right now. Bad assumption is bad assumption.

"You also keep thinking that good = sales."

No, I keep thinking that sales is one of the FACTORS that proves a product is good. The game is rated well, has a very active online community and sells tons. All those things say that this game is good.

"Shooters did not sell and neither did all the SF clones. Metroid, CV and the like sold because the changed it up."

No they didn't... they sold because of what they were. Just like MP2 and MP3. Just like SMB2 and SMB3 and SMW and Yoshi's Island. These were sequels to good games. They changed "some" things but in comparison to the CoD franchise, their changes were mostly miniscule. Take Mario, rearrange the levels, add a few power ups and you have a sequel that will sell millions.

"Wow. Really? The hardware is more advanced. Period."

Yes. It is MORE advanced. Not SAME HARDWARE. That is a conscious choice. Period.

"Games are more complex. That is the only set of reasons that TripA titles cost more. Well and marketing."

So you are saying graphics don't cost anything? lol.............. LOL.

"I agree that the Wii's price point helped but it is not the only reason. If the Wii was 300$ It would have sold around as well as the other 2. With the games ALL looking worse, that would still be proof."

So you make up a THEORETICAL SCENARIO and then claim an outcome as FACT....

Hey hows about this? If the PS3 sold at $200, it would have destroyed the Wii and long sold over a million systems by now. That is a far more credible made up story.

Now, if you think the Wii would have sold 80+ million at a $600 price point, you are seriously naive.

"If you think MB2 was "damn near identical" you have vision or memory issues.
You even stated it was not meant as a Mario game. Different asthetical style different gameplay, different story (although not THAT different.)"

Maybe for you. I owned a Famicom since I lived in China.

"So seem to think we hate this JUST because it is popular. We hate it because it is crap (or nothing special) AND it is popular."

This from the person who thinks Mario is not crap (or special). Rich...

"How many Michael Jackson haters have you ever met? Not many I would guess. What about the Beatles? Toyota? (who are not US nationalists)
Coca-Cola? Those are/were popular but are overated at worst. Get it yet?"

You have bad questions as many people hate those things. They don't whine about them on the internet like a bunch of adolescent children and calling the people who like them idiots and trying to tell them not to enjoy these things.

"Seems like the jokes are on you, cupcake."

Cringe worthy wit...
GT: ZiiX360 PSN: BoxFighter85
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User Info: Super_Jedi7

6 years ago#84
I dont hate any games. If there's a game I dont like I just wont play it. I have not played MW3 but I have played both MW2 and black Ops. and they both seemed fun. For short bursts anyways.

I will buy MW3 because I dont own any COD games ATM but I might get some other games first.
My Xbox live tag is zeric7x My site and my blog.

User Info: oboro9

6 years ago#85
so they hate it big deal
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