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So Xbox 3 in 2012?

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User Info: bigjnyc

5 years ago#11
I don't think the new XBOX won't come out till mid to late 2013 and PS4 till 2014. I think they will show something next E3 and they E3 2013 we will have the final details. From a marketing stand point I think its too early and I don't think the system is even ready yet.
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User Info: blackrain9361

5 years ago#12
I'm not getting the Xbox 720 bc i'm still kinda having fun with my 360. On a different note i hope to pick up a FC Twin (i think that's the right name). It's a system that plays NES/SNES titles. Super Mario World will be mine again :) :)
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User Info: bigdeez

5 years ago#13
I just dont see any logic in releasing a system the same year as some strong titles!

Mass Effect 3
Bioshock Infinite
Halo 4
Prey 2

i can keep going!!!!
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