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What was that game with the talking tree?

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User Info: Walkman_005

5 years ago#1
I don't remember...

There was a talking tree in the forest and something about his heart

What game was that?

User Info: stormywaters

5 years ago#2

Fallout 3
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User Info: _SCOTSLAD

5 years ago#3
Fallout 3.


You get to kill or save it but he wants to die.
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User Info: Baraka_Bomba

5 years ago#4
Fallout 3.
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User Info: Link43130

5 years ago#6
Mortal Kombat. You can feed your opponents to the tree.
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User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#7
Welcome to the new dark ages

User Info: DeltaZero

5 years ago#8
Ocarina of Time. You can even go inside the Deku Tree.

Divinity 2 has a talking tree called Abanayabar in a hidden basement/cave. There are also other trees in the wild that give you quests, they are required for the campaign.

User Info: Walkman_005

5 years ago#9
Fallout 3 sounds familiar

But there was another game like this

It was an RPG....I played a dwarf character. There were elves in it too

This game is recent, this gen. Played it on the 360

User Info: vash2112

5 years ago#10
Record of agarest war has a couple talking trees.
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