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can we ban sequels

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User Info: tripletriad99

6 years ago#1

or can we ban at least 90% of sequels? every year there is a new MW, a new AC, a new gears, a new NFS, a new (name any sport) 2K.

okay, aside from the player roster updates in sports games, I am not seeing revolutionary upgrades in any sequel. mw3 is fun but it is the exact same thing as mw4 (2). that is just a LOL to see modern warfare 4, 2. a sequel to the fourth game. and now a sequel to that.

anyhow, back on topic, many of the original games offer endless hours of replayability. I just find it disgusting that sequels keep popping out every year, all in the name of making money. then we all buy them because we feel we need to. myself included, well at least for a few of the game categories.

then, on the other hand, we have games that release a sequel only after multiple years. only with truly new gameplay mechanics and advances in the name of gaming. skyrim. half-life. dare i mention a pc game, diablo III (if it is ever released..).

the point is that the commercial and financial realities of gaming companies sucks. they churn out sequels annually all in the name of revenues. well you know what, screw the corporate management, they don't even know the difference between mario and halo. give kudos to the actual game world developers, the programmers, the artists. play the originals. publically criticize the sequels.
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User Info: gorilla47

6 years ago#2
Yes, unless it's Mini Ninjas 2.
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User Info: SubSeenix

6 years ago#3
So you dont want any "new" games for the Xbox anymore?:D
It isn't like this console has many new IPs...And the next one probably is exactly the same with the new Prequel Trilogy to Gears of War and the next Trilogy to Halo...

User Info: desert_santa

6 years ago#4
gears didn't come out every year........

User Info: HeLeeham

6 years ago#5
Yh you're right sequels never did anyone any good. All we ever got from sequels was assassins creed 2, resident evil 2, streets of rage 2, ocarina of time, twilight princess, skyward sword, sonic 2, Mario 64, final fantasy 7, final fantasy X, final fantasy IX, Vice City, Red dead redemption, oblivion, skyrim, Arkham city, just cause 2, tomb raider 2, metal gear solid 3, gears of war 2, gears of war 3, splinter cell pandora tomorrow, splinter cell chaos theory, rainbow six 3, rainbow six Vegas, rainbow six Vegas 2, halo 3, halo 2, halo reach, shenmue 2, resident evil 3, resident evil code Veronica, broken sword 2, parasite eve 2, syphon filter 2, final fantasy XII, breath of fire 3, marvel ultimate alliance 2, spider man shattered dimensions, age of empires 2, worms 2, street fighter 2, mortal kombat 2, San Andreas, assassins creed brotherhood, morrowind, dues ex human revolution, a link to the past.

You know what? I hope they never make another sequel again because I'm sick of them. All I want is original games from now on.

User Info: dannyaq

6 years ago#6
give kudos to the actual game world developers, the programmers, the artists. play the originals. publically criticize the sequels.

yes because that affects the economics of gaming. not changing buying habits. kudos doesn't mean anything to anybody other than the people you are giving kudos to.

also lol at mentioning half life. Because selling a game only once every 5 years is financially viable. only reason valve can continue their slow pace model is because they get income from steam. same with blizzard and their money printing machine.

and lets look at shooters on the 360 that havn't been sequelized to death. the club, fracture, timeshift, fronline: fuels of war, kane and lynch, perfect dark zero, stranglehold... while they might have their moments, they generally don't compare to game sliek COD. You get lucky every once in a while with a game like bioshock, but the majority of original IPs don't work out well. If they did, they would be sequelized.

Also I think you forget about innovations "sequelitis" games have introduced like CoDs rpg like leveling system for multiplayer which has been copied by other games. The horde mode which gears 2 defined for everybody else to copy. soul calibur 2 started the guest fighter tradition in fighting games,
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User Info: RedFive3

6 years ago#7
There is NOT a new Gears every year, topic fail.
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User Info: Frisco557

6 years ago#8
How about we just ban EA from making NFS?

NFS has frankly sucked since Most Wanted. The only time it might have had something good(Shift series) come out, EA stepped in and made the developer rush the game creating bugs that never got patched.
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User Info: knightimex

6 years ago#9

Ban annual sequels.
Bi annual sequels should not be a problem at all.

Oh and topic is misleading.
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User Info: tYRE_602

6 years ago#10
How about you just not play the games?

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