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Any recommendations for these games?

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User Info: DieMyBride

5 years ago#1
i only want to spend like $20-$30 so which one of these would be more worth it. NOTE i would just be playing for SP

Rage = $20
Crysis 2 = $20
Darksiders = $15-$20
RUSE = $13

User Info: RycerX

5 years ago#2
For singleplayer only, Rage and Darksiders are the best value. Never played RUSE, but it's sort of like C&C, I'm assuming. RTS games are generally strongest in their multiplayer. If you can only buy one, I'd probably go with Darksiders, but Rage is a really good deal at $20.

User Info: BuckVanHammer

5 years ago#3
rage and crysis 2 have pretty weak sp. crysis 2 is too easy and rage starts strong, but ends on a whimper far too soon. darksiders was a nice surprise. ruse i can't comment on, but if you haven't played metro 2033; maybe think about that. great game.
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  3. Any recommendations for these games?

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