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My grandmother got me a Kinect and Forza 4

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User Info: TwoNumbThumbs

5 years ago#21
If you have the microsfot Speed Wheel, Kinect comes in handy.

I reckon more games will incorporate kinect while still using the standard controller.
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User Info: King_Of_Spam

5 years ago#22
KainDjinn posted...
I hoped to get Forza in the first place, but now, unless I return it, I have a $150 three-eyed spybot. Are there any good games that don't involve furry animals/muppets or dancing?

Wait, you know that Kinect is something that could have been taken out of 1984 and you're still keeping it?
9/11 was an inside job.

User Info: summerclaw

5 years ago#23
I just tried Gunstringer today, dowloading the free DLC. You can play it while seated :).
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User Info: Kurgan777

5 years ago#24
Forza 4 has head tracking with the Kinect, and the upcoming Steel Battalion game combines a controller with kinect support for cockpit controls and interactive cutscenes.
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