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How is Borderlands?

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User Info: TwoNumbThumbs

5 years ago#11
I disliked it personally. It was mostly fetch quests. I got bored of going back and forth between the same stuff so often so quickly.
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User Info: playboydojo

5 years ago#12
Haha, I didn't mind the story at all until the end. Then it pissed me off soooo much.
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User Info: Treewaller

5 years ago#13
It's like an outdoor dungeon crawler with an FPS interface, if that makes sense. Greatest co-op game ever IMO. You can play splitscreen or online, but you won't want to play with strangers, the community is full of cheaters.
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User Info: knightimex

5 years ago#14
MRevelle83 posted...
To be fair, there wasn't really a story to build up a climax either.

Still good otherwise though.







I was seriously hoping I would be able to actually go INTO the vault. >_>
And that boss was just a boss.

A few more bosses inside the vault would of made the story and all of it's BS fetching totally worth it.

All you got was.
"Herp Derp turn it in!"

I was like...... You serious?

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User Info: AnonymousFriend

5 years ago#15
The only problem with cheaters is if they decide to take all of the best loot for themselves or decide to be jerks with those team killing items. The only penaltyy for dying is losing a tenth of your cash and respawning at the last save location. Most times those cheaters just give you max money and drop their entire enventory of modded item for you to see and give you some. The kindest ones will also drop skill point upgrades.

You can't really fault the game's story. It's basically: You're a gun for hire and people pay you to do things for them. There's a voice speaking to you in your head saying to help them.

Hmm ... thinking about the story made me realize why some are upset about the story. But, then I think about the Claptrap and Armory add-on and don't really care because those were hilarious. Then I thing about Moxxi and get salty again. Then I start thinking about what Moxxi looks like and need some private time.
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5 years ago#16
You guys completely failed to mention the choice of 4 characters each with their own action skill.

Lilith (Siren) - Phasewalk. Still not entirely sure what this is.

Roland (Soldier) - Turret. "It's like having an extra soldier on the field!"

Brick (Berzerker) - Fists. Like a Big Ass Boxer on Steroids and Horse Tranquilizers.

Mordecai (Hunter) - Bird. The bird can attack things and give extra loot.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
5 years ago#17
with phasewalk you become invisible, immune to damage and move faster, and when you activate or deactivate it it causes a blast of damage that changes based on your artifact.
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User Info: Citrate1007

5 years ago#18
If you plan on playing it single player it will get boring, if you have friends to play with it is amazing. It is also a lot harder to play single player but if you love the FPS genre and are looking for something other than Modern Call of Battlefield 3 it would fit the bill. It boasts thousands of guns, but really it is loot with random stats. It claims to be an RPG and yes there are quests and leveling but the story isn't that fleshed out.
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User Info: playboydojo

5 years ago#19
Phasewalk is an instant win. My god, it's stupid good.
...and then I said, "Oatmeal? Are you crazy?!"
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