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I feel sad for this generation.

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 years ago#31
I agree with the TC (I'm 29) I had some great fun outside. Especially when ti snowed. I used to go door to door shoveling snow for some cash to go buy treats and then we would eat them all us, then burn it off playing outside. Man those were the times.
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User Info: VengeanceIsBorn

5 years ago#32
I'm 30, I wanted "high tech" toys in the 80's. I had my NES, Gameboy, Teddy Rux (i have no clue how to spell it.) I think you see less kids playing outside has more to do with parents being scarred by the news that their kids are gonna be taken and killed. I have a son and he says a lot of the kids in our neighborhood are not allowed outside unless there is a parent.

I live in a gated community in a very nice area in Florida. It's more the parents then the kids IMO.
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User Info: Kevinpiranha

5 years ago#33, you know what I find sad? When a 28 year old waxes philosophic over "The good old days"'re 28...these ARE the good old days!
It's your responsibility to change these hermit trends you speak of, go play with your kids or go find someone to make some kids with........and then have fun with them.

I see just as many kids running around having fun outside these days as I ever did........of course some stop every now and then to tweet about how much fun they're having on their android. ;-)
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User Info: gabrius

5 years ago#34
You feel sad for today's kids because they would rather use their amazing electronic devices than go and use their imaginations outside.

Your parents felt sad for you because you would spend a fraction of your time inside glued to your television instead of being outside 100% of the time like they were.

Your grandparents felt sad for your parents because kids were tougher when they were young.

Your great grandparents felt sad for your grandparents for going outside and playing after school instead of going to the factory and developing a solid work ethic at 8.

Your great great grandparents felt sad for your great grandparents for having to go to school instead of working full time to help support the family.

.....and your great great great grandparents hated your great great grandparents for having a life expectancy over 30.

TL:DR - Get off my lawn.
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User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#35
Times change. We're on the cusp of a new age. One of technology. Of course, atm, we're kind of not there yet, so yeah, a lot of people are going to get lost in the cracks of the transition, and waste their lives in a descent of unfulfilling time killer pattern of mediocrity... But oh well, plenty of lost soul from plenty of reason from eras past as well, what can you do? There's billions of people, plenty to go around... Just do what you can to make your life and the lives around you as good as you can, and you'll do fine... And don't waste life by praying to some fake god hoping for a mulligan in the afterlife, lol.

But yeah, I'm 23 atm, and I have plenty of memories like you speak of TC... Everything from scraped knees to riding bikes(and we skateboarded, so I DEFINITELY had my share of scraped knees and sack taps lol), breaking curfew to go to parties, getting dragged home by cops and getting a slap on the wrist because kids are practically untouchable, (lol), family vacations, road trips with friends, concerts, sledding, building igloos to clambake in, climbing up on roofs, breaking into abandoned places to explore, trailblazing the woods, parties, etc... All that good stuff lol... Plus, the whole time, I've also incorporated computers and technology, from gaming to burning mp3 discs when I was 10. Had some great times with friends gaming... But we never only gamed for great times, so I think it's all about the balance. Some days you're just too sore from yesterday to do it all again, and that's when gaming the day away with a buddy is perfect.

Besides, back before we all had cell phones and etc... Do you know what an effing chore it was to round everyone up for a party? Took like, all day... Wanted that party to be up in a state park with some cool stuff going on? GL thinking it up and doing it in the same day... But now, you can organize something in minutes, and that REALLY makes a difference when it comes to doing fun stuff. Like your friends bandmates swing into town, and in 20 minutes, there's like a hundred people down at the bar, and you're all watching them put on a flash show. Good effing times, thank you twitter and what have you lol.

So anyway, no, I don't think there's any problem with the tech we have now... But there are plenty of stupid parents and stupid children, and big surprise, they're missing out. Who cares? More fun to go around for the rest of us who don't have our heads up our asses lol.

And I'd almost feel nostalgic about it TC, but I mean c'mon... We're in our twenties... Save the nostalgic crap for your late 30's at the earliest, plenty of living left to do, and new years is like, right thar lol.
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User Info: Citrate1007

5 years ago#36
When I was growing up, 28 now, you can see kids playing outside with their new bikes or toys

Your parents generation said the same thing about yours...
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User Info: rockyoumonkeys

5 years ago#37
There's a kid riding his tricycle outside right now and...oh no, he's just been run over by an SUV.

If only he'd been playing video games!
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User Info: ShadowRisae

5 years ago#38
Siege posted...
When I was growing up, 28 now, you can see kids playing outside with their new bikes or toys after Christmas but now the streets are quiet in this age of electronics. My in-laws sent my son a DS for Christmas with games he can't even play as they are too hard for him. What about you? How many kids are playing outside right now?

The kids in my neighborhood are playing outside constantly. They're either playing in the front yard of the house across the street or running by my house screaming their heads off or playing in the playground that is literally right behind my house.

I've never seen them play a DS or PSP or anything. One of them has a phone he seems to be playing games or texting on, but all the rest chase each other and build forts like kids did back in the old days.
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