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FFXIII-2: One thing you liked, one thing you didn't

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User Info: chrcol

5 years ago#11
From what I can see as not much gameplay shown.

I dont like that thing that generates success so need reaction time.
I dont like no fang (favourite from first game).

hard to say on rest. Will probably be a good game as its from square and ff13 wasnt too bad. But I dont think it will be a great game. Most likely I will buy but when it becomes a classic at reduced price.

User Info: MageofBlood391

5 years ago#12
Liked most everything, but I'll go with the monster system for my thing.

Disliked the choice of where they put the demo at in the game. I understand RPG demos must be tough to do, but I was confused what the hell I was supposed to do in the town and it seemed like they put me there just to say "F*** YOU HATERS WE HAVE TOWNS NOW." This is a very minor complaint though.
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User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

5 years ago#13
Liked: The gameplay mechanic of catching/using/progression of monsters. I'm a sucker for things like that, I suppose.

Disliked: Mog. I hate his voice, and him flying around behind me at all times in the field just annoys the hell out of me because of how he can obscure some of your view and generally be distracting.

User Info: almasbaby

5 years ago#14
Liked: Monster companions
Disliked: Same old crazy battle system

User Info: BingSanpao

5 years ago#15
Like: game has moogles.

Dislike: It's a sequel to the worst FF game ever created.

User Info: death cloud

death cloud
5 years ago#16
Like: paradigm shifts are instantaneous, best FF battle system ever confirmed.

disliked: NOTHING.
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User Info: CrankShaft

5 years ago#17
Liked checking out serah in the rain and the battle music
disliked battle system

User Info: VanderZoo

5 years ago#18
Veliconis posted...
From: pj44055 | #002
Liked: Mog
Disliked: The new Ccystarium system is confusing at first.
Same as this guy. I really don't like how it's set up. :/

What was so confusing about it? It's pretty straight forward, literally. You just choose which class you want to level up, then spend crytogen points on the nodes and it does it automatically.

willmeadows posted...
Only a half hour demo though, and I thought it was pretty enjoyable on the whole.

Ha, it took me over 2 hours!

On topic:

Liked: Being able to purchase new weapons (in 13 I basically had the same weapon for 3/4 of the games).
Disliked: Level design, it looked pretty bland and boring, I'm sure there were much nicer looking evironments they could have chosen for the demo.
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User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#19
-That the new weapons had BETTER stats than my existing one.
-No level cap
-Levelling monsters with items you can easily buy
-Gil is earned through battle
-Town(ish) area
-No Hope
-Only 2 characters could make for an interesting story...

-Hate the two characters and the story looks like it will be nonsense
-Battle system is still needlessly chaotic and mindnumbingly simple at the same time
-QTE's in an RPG. I want to WATCH the damn cutscenes, and honestly, haven't I pressed "A" enough.

-Mog. Please kill Mog
-The world FFXII-2 takes place in
-The artsyle of every SE since FFIX (XII not included)

-No control over monsters. I barely realised they were there, because seeing as characters run around in fights now, and my good monsters look the exact same as the enemy (albeit with a huge and easily visable metal cog necklace (yes. That was sarcasm)), and more lasers flying around on screen than your average Transformer rave party.....I lost my train of thought...monsters are hard too see in battle.
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