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haven't played halo 3 , gears 1 & 2

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User Info: Raven202

5 years ago#1
which is worth the purchase?
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User Info: DarkStar643

5 years ago#2
gears 1 is imo the best in the trilogy.
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User Info: kungfucolin

5 years ago#3
If you're talking about JUST the single player - you could argue that 1 is the best - but remember, 1 doesn't have horde mode, beast mode, nor does it have bots to fill teams in multiplayer.
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User Info: SnowFox7

5 years ago#4
Get jurassic park instead.
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User Info: SouljaWeezy

5 years ago#5
gears 2 is the best out of those
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User Info: Iceman83

5 years ago#6
You can probably get all three for Around $20-$25. Get all three.
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User Info: stawg007

5 years ago#7
Gears 1
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

5 years ago#8
Another vote for Gears 1.

Halo 3 is good also.
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