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Another theory of the hacks

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User Info: MestizoFreak

6 years ago#11
Anyway, is Playfire safe? I sat out for signing in along with my friends to research it, and I came across something involving it starting a data leak in 2009 that caused people to get hacked. I'm sitting out mainly because I feel sites like this would be targetted by hackers as a middle-man to accounts.

User Info: headwounds13

6 years ago#12
I've seen the guy who runs it post on here when it's safety is in question, and a couple posters testify to its legitimacy, but I'm not touching it.

User Info: saintsfan

6 years ago#13
Simple fix folks.


If there's a data leak they've got an Email address and no PW. No one's going through the trouble of actually hacking your Email to see a bunch of spam an unread messages from facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

User Info: HulkxxSMASH

6 years ago#14
Killah Priest posted...
actually this has already been adressed.

when you sign up for playfire I guess there is an option to send a message about it to everyone on your friends list.

This - except it isn't an option to send the message, Playfire automatically sends out the messages to people on the friends list who sign up.

I signed up to it ages ago when I got a message about it out of curiousity. Seems legit - if a bit boring. Never revisited since signing up.

You don't have to use your live email to sign up so if it's compromised, the worse that can happen is they know your GT.

I've never used my live email add for anything other than when I first signed up to xbox live so noone knows it except xbox. If I ever say I was 'hacked', then we'll all have something to get worried about.
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